The MAT-T Experience

Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade (MAT-T) is the ultimate experience for any golfer. MAT-T is a 2 hour experience using a combination of high-sensitivity LED cameras that can detect the smallest movements in your swing and the impact with the ball.

This date is then displayed in real time on a large screen as a silver man and can be viewed from 360 degrees. This allows our custom fitting expect to fully understand your swing and the interaction between you, the golf club and the moment of impact with the golf ball.
With this information, our experts can recommend the most appropriate club head and shaft combination for you.
With this system we can recommend the optimum set of 14 clubs for your game - including driver, fairway wood, hybrid, wedges, putter and even golf ball!
What does it show you?
  • 1.Clubhead path
  • 2.Shaft deflection
  • 3.Posture lines
  • 4.Clubhead speed
  • 5.Ball speed
  • 6.Launch angle
  • 7.Spin rate
  • 8.Effective loft at impact
  • 9.Face angle
  • 10.Ball trajectory
  • 11.Calculated carry and roll
  • 12.Center of gravity

A MAT-T Experience takes approximately 2-3 hours and includes a full session in the MAT-T room, followed by a detailed check on your clubs using our SelectFit system and GC2. The experience finishes with a consultation on your optimal set of clubs.

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