GOLFER. FITTER. TECHNOLOGY. TaylorMade Unites the Golfer, Fitter and Advanced Technology to Create the Ultimate Clubfitting Experience.
TaylorMade Performance Labs, utilize MAT-T (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade) technology to provide golfers with a 3 dimensional clubfitting experience that far exceeds anything previously available to the public. Located at some of the world’s finest golf venues, every TaylorMade Performance Lab experience provides detailed data for both golfer and golf club throughout the entire swing in measurements down to a tenth of a degree. Our certified TaylorMade Clubfitting Professionals analyze this data to provide you a set of clubs that are built around the specific needs of your golf swing, allowing you to hit the ball longer and straighter with better control. This two hour fitting experience is conducted in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and includes a full analysis for driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putter.